Company Update – has ANOTHER Team Member!

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James Bastable

Photographer, Drone Pilot & Editor - Director at

Everybody meet Myles…

Myles is going to be the newest addition to the team and we think he’s really going to be the driving force of the company!

A little bit about our newest employee…

Myles is a brand new, red, Volkswagen T6 and is currently waiting to start his new job in July. He will be truly fit for purpose and is in the final stages of his conversion down in Bristol. Myles has been meticulously designed and kitted out to perfection to help us on our projects. Here’s a few features we’ve installed to ensure he does his job correctly:

  • Rear Storage – As a multi-skilled content creating company, we come with a whole host of kit and equipment. Did you know we can take up to three camera bags, lighting and stands and a media cart on any one shoot? We’ve made sure that Myles comes with plenty of storage space so that we can transport everything we need comfortably.
  • Viewing Monitor – Have you ever wondered what we see when we’re flying our drones? With Myles’ specially designed and incorporated viewing monitor, you can observe everything we see in real time on a large 32” screen. Our fly-through videos are particularly fascinating to watch, so look out for those!
  • Debrief and Reviewing Area – It’s always great having a debrief on a project and check out the content captured. What better place to do this, than in our specially designed reviewing area? Get comfortable with a cuppa and we’ll show you your project’s images and videos before the editing process. We’ve designed the space to include specialist mounts, so you can observe everything on screen from anywhere in the seating area. If there’s anything else you’d like delivered after the review, we’ll be happy to go and capture it.
  • Branding – Myles will be a trusty employee and so will be sporting our brand “” throughout.

Myles will have plenty of other exciting features and we’ll definitely be giving you a tour of him once he’s arrived.

Pop quiz… Can anybody guess why he’s called Myles?

We’re on the final countdown and we can’t wait for you to meet him! Keep an eye on our posts for his first day and don’t forget to wish him good luck!

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