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Did you know that Photos.co.uk has a fleet of over 10 drones?! And each one serves its own unique purpose in the services we offer. In this post we’re talking about all the different aerial based content that we can create for your company

Aerial Photography:
We have two main drones that we use to capture aerial photography. This enables us to capture images from the skies that offer a mesmerising and unique perspective of a building or a plot of land. Aerial photography offers a profound sense of scale and we can capture imagery from any height up to 120 metres (400 ft) We also always have an extra drone on site with us that serves as our backup. The last thing we want on the day of a shoot is equipment failure, so having our handy spare ensures that we can equate for any eventuality and always capture the required shots.Β 

Check out the examples below of the different types of aerial photography we capture for our clients.

Aerial Videography:

Alongside photography, we also use some of our drones to capture aerial videography. This enables us to capture dynamic and exhilarating visual storytelling that takes us to the skies to offer a breathtaking perspective of your site in motion. Aerial videography allows us to view the world from an entirely new angle, revealing land developments and property video clips that are used for advertising and marketing.Β 

Our aerial videography clips are usually combined with ground based footage. In the examples below, you can see the drone footage used in these promotional videos.

Aerial 360 Tours:

We use aerial 360 views to create an interactive overview of development and industrial sites. With multiple points in the sky, the user can move around any desired space from the air and view sites from different angles. These tours provide 360 degree panoramic views, enabling you to show off your entire space, local areas of interest, distances to specific landmarks and anything else you want to showcase. These 360 views are purpose built and bespoke to your company, featuring all of your branding and the local areas that you want to showcase.

Our aerial 360 views are extremely popular and we’ve provided a couple of examples here which you can take a look around by simply clicking on the image.

Aerial Fly-Through Videos:

In our arsenal of drones, we have a few specialised and custom built pieces of kit that we use to create fly-through videos. These first person view (FPV) productions are widely used in advertising as they help showcase a real dynamic view of a space. Aerial fly-through videos are a captivating form of visual storytelling that takes viewers on a seamless and immersive journey through both the skies and buildings. They allow us to explore and experience locations with a sense of flow and continuity, revealing intricate details and creating a powerful visual narrative. These videos offer viewers the sensation of soaring effortlessly, making them feel as if they are part of the scene. Whether it’s a majestic tour through a property, an architectural showcase, or an exploration of the world outside, aerial fly-through videos are a mesmerising and engaging medium that brings a sense of wonder and adventure to any subject that we capture.

We love capturing aerial fly-through videos. Check out the examples below of some of our recent productions showcasing off industrial parks and offices.


We can create bespoke packages of any drone and ground based service that you require, so get in touch below with the contact form and we can tailor make you your own bundle of content.


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