Fascinating Project – Photos.co.uk Captures The Brick Making Process! 

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James Bastable

Photographer, Drone Pilot & Editor - Director at Photos.co.uk

Here at photos.co.uk, we attend a whole host of different projects, delivering a multitude of imagery. One of our recent ventures took us on an exciting journey, capturing the process of how house bricks are made from start to finish.

This was one of our larger scale projects, where we visited multiple locations to follow this manufacturing journey. Now, with large projects comes a lot of pre-planning, to ensure the perfect execution. 

So What Exactly Goes Into Preparing For A Project Of This Nature?

Firstly, once the creative agency has gotten in contact with us, we need to discuss the requirements of the job and work out exactly what the client is looking for. On this project, this meant having multiple video calls, emails and conversations planning the brief for this production and organising dates and times. 

The first dates that get organised are something we call “recce days”. This is where we attend the site before the shoot day, so we can assess the location before we arrive for production. As this was a multi-site project, we attended three locations over two different recce days. We were able to explore the area, assess lighting and angles, observe potential shooting sweet spots, and identify and mitigate any safety risks. All of this is vital information for us, as we’re able to plan everything we need to make sure we get the best out of your project.

Once we’ve figured out and planned what we’ll be doing on site, we need to make sure we’re ready for the shoot day. This includes completing some background checks that all happen behind the scenes. As this project involved aerial photography and videography, we need to make sure that the location is safe and legal for drone work. This involves adhering to the Civil Aviation Authority’s guidelines and checking for any flight restrictions and obtaining permission to fly. For these sites, we were clear for take off!

The final thing we need to complete before attending the site is our health and safety induction. This was filled in online approximately 2-3 weeks before the shoot day and enables us to operate safely on the day. Safety always comes first guys!

With all pre-planning complete and shoot days set, we’re then ready to head off to our first site. Both of these locations involved early starts for us, which meant packing up all of our drones, cameras and equipment and travelling down the night before. 

Our first shoot day took us to a quarry in the morning, followed by a brickworks facility in the afternoon. Here we took ground photography, aerial photography and a fly-through video of the sites. What a day! It was so fascinating watching how the materials for the bricks are sourced and manufactured into the end product. The quarry was so big, we had to drive around in a Land Rover. Talk about travelling in style! We learnt a lot, the weather was incredible and we absolutely loved capturing this content. 

The other part of this project was to capture imagery of how this company source their bricks from overseas. What does that mean? For the team at photos.co.uk it meant arriving at the local port at 6am to observe the ferry docking and what a beautiful sunrise we were able to capture too. At this site, we obtained aerial and ground imagery of approximately 1000 pallets of finished bricks, being unloaded from the ferry. It’s safe to say that this was a well planned operation and of course everything got moved without a hitch.

We loved this project, there’s nothing too big or small for the team at photos.co.uk and we were happy capturing how this company makes their bricks and imports them for their marketing materials. 

In this bespoke package, the client received ground based photography, aerial photography, aerial video and a fly through video of three different sites, all documenting the production and import process.

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