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James Bastable
James Bastable

Photographer, Drone Pilot & Editor - Director at

We took on a really fun project recently, where we created a promotional video to advertise a set of luxury apartments in Matlock. 

Set in a prime location in the hamlet of Riber, this residential block had some absolutely incredible views and we wanted to make sure we showcased them in the best way possible. We used our trusty drones to capture aerial footage of this brand new building and its impressive location. The clips include panoramic shots of the exterior of the apartments and of course those wonderful surrounding views of Riber Castle and the local park.

Inside, we used our top-spec cameras and carefully positioned lighting to showcase the luxury interiors of the different apartment styles on offer. We definitely didn’t want to miss highlighting those gorgeous views, so there’s plenty of shots from the balconies and through the windows. 

Finally, we wanted to help promote the different facilities included in these apartments, featuring the under roof parking, EV charging points and welcoming reception area.

Take a look at the finished product below.

We’ve been creating videos for property clients for many years now and we know exactly what shots need capturing to help showcase these buildings in the best way.

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