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Picture of James Bastable
James Bastable

Photographer, Drone Pilot & Editor - Director at Photos.co.uk

Throughout summer, we were busy working on a great project for one of our homes development clients. We were tasked with visiting multiple different sites to capture photography for use in their marketing materials.

For future home buyers, it isn’t just the house that’s important, it’s the surrounding areas as well. With that in mind, we set off on a multi-site adventure, visiting and capturing photography of all the local villages, high streets, nature reserves and beauty spots that surround these plots of land. 

A project this size takes a lot of planning and communication and client involvement is really important to us. For each site we visited, we were given a list of locations that our client wanted capturing and any specifics shots they required. With a not very summery summer, it took careful planning to ensure we were out shooting in the best weather possible. Thankfully, we were lucky to have a few gorgeous days and so were able to capture some real beauty spots in these areas. Of course, we were also on site photographing the new homes, local parks and street scenes and we always love meeting the locals on these types of shoots!

The final aspect of this project was to capture an overview of the whole development site. We created an interactive 360 aerial view, with multiple locations in the sky. This allows staff and future home buyers to move around the area virtually and see panoramic views around the site. We also add in any locations of interest that our clients want to highlight.

We really enjoyed visiting all of these locations and it was great putting together a range of different content for use in marketing. Our client really does build a beautiful new home.

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