Roof Inspections – Top Reasons for Using Drones and Virtual Tours

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James Bastable

Photographer, Drone Pilot & Editor - Director at have been providing roof inspection services for surveyors for many years now. The team here are well equipped to provided all the content required to complete a roof survey…

With our production van, we’re able to live stream the footage captured from the drone directly to our built in monitor. This way, surveyors can see first hand exactly what’s going on with the roof in question. 

We also offer a virtual tour service, which allows us to create a 360 view of the roof space, allowing the client to navigate around the property and see the highlighted areas. In this example, we also include highlighted areas, which when clicked on showcase the issue found.

So, why should we use drones to complete roof inspections?

1. They reduce risk – There’s no need to climb onto roof spaces with drones around! We can send our fancy pieces of kit straight into the air and capture everything required from all the right angles. This also prevents any damages potentially caused from having humans walking around on the roof

2. They increase productivity – Our drones can capture footage to the whole roof space in a fraction of the time compared to manually surveying. We’re also able to view the roof from all angles, which may otherwise be difficult to spot or access.

3. Non-disruptuve – With drones being used, the work does not need to stop. We can attend site and complete the flight while work carries on as normal. They also get rid of the need for scaffolding and cherry pickers, which take time to set up and can block pathways and surrounding areas

4. Combining all of these means drones are far more cost effective than manual surveying and who doesn’t wan’t to save money!

Take a look around the virtual tour of our client’s roof and check out the highlighted areas to see the issues picked up on.

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