The Power of Preparation: The Importance of a Recce Day

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In the fast-paced world of digital media creation, every shot counts. Whether it’s photography, virtual tours or video production, meticulous planning can make all the difference when it comes to completing your project. At, we understand the significance of preparation, and one key aspect that often gets overlooked is the recce day.

What is a Recce Day?

A recce day, short for reconnaissance day, is a crucial step in the pre-production process for any photography project. It involves visiting the location where the shoot will take place to assess various factors that could impact the final result. This includes scouting for the best vantage points, understanding the lighting conditions, identifying potential obstacles, and visualising the shots in advance.

Why is a Recce Day Important?

  • 1. Optimising Resources: By conducting a recce day, we can optimise our resources more effectively. We can plan the equipment we need, anticipate any additional gear required and make logistical arrangements in advance, ensuring we’re the most prepared for the shoot.

  • 2. Maximising Creativity: A recce day provides our team with the opportunity to unleash their creativity. By familiarising ourselves with the environment, we can brainstorm innovative ideas, experiment with different angles, and envision the final outcome with greater clarity.

  • 3. Problem Solving: Not every location is ideal for photography, and unexpected challenges can arise on the day of the shoot. However, by conducting a recce day, our team are able to identify potential issues beforehand and come up with solutions to overcome them. Whether it’s dealing with harsh lighting, crowded spaces, or inclement weather, preparation is key to tackling such obstacles effectively.

  • 4. Client Satisfaction: Clients expect nothing but the best from us, so providing a well-executed shoot is extremely important to us. By investing time in a recce day, we can make sure we’re fully prepared to deliver the very best service and end product. 

  • 5. Time Management: Time is of the essence on shoot days. A recce day will help us plan our schedule more efficiently, allocating sufficient time for each shot and minimising unnecessary delays. This not only ensures that the shoot stays on track but also maximises productivity throughout the day.

Success on shoot days often boils down to meticulous planning and preparation. A recce day may seem like an additional step in the pre-production process, but its importance cannot be overstated. By investing time and effort in scouting locations, understanding lighting conditions, and anticipating potential challenges, we can elevate our work to new heights and deliver results that truly stand out. are a friendly team, based in Birmingham, West Midlands and we deliver drone photography and videography services for the construction industry all over the UK! Get in touch to discuss your next project…

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