Top 5 ways 360 virtual tours help manufacturing businesses.

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360’s are hugely valuable and are becoming increasingly popular in many industries and manufacturing businesses are no exception. In the car industry, where product design and manufacturing processes are complex and require close attention to detail, virtual tours can be a valuable tool for businesses to showcase their products and processes to clients remotely. Here are five reasons why manufacturing businesses in the car industry should consider using 360 virtual tours:

  1. Showcase Products and Facilities: With 360 virtual tours, parts manufacturers can provide a detailed, interactive view of their products and facilities. This allows clients to explore the cars and manufacturing facilities in detail, giving them a better understanding of the product and the manufacturing process.
  2. Increase Engagement: 360 virtual tours help to increase engagement with clients, as they provide an immersive experience that is more engaging than simply looking at pictures or videos. This can help to keep clients interested and invested in the product and the manufacturing process.
  3. Save Time & Money: By providing virtual tours, manufacturers will save time and money by reducing the need for physical visits and travel. Clients are able to view the manufacturing process remotely, without the need to travel to the facility. This can help to reduce costs and save time for both the manufacturer and the client.
  4. Enhance Communication: Virtual tours help to enhance communication between manufacturers and clients, as they allow for real-time interaction and feedback. Clients can easily ask questions and provide feedback on the manufacturing process, which helps to improve the product and the overall client experience.
  5. Improve Sales: By providing virtual tours, manufacturers improve their sales by showcasing their products and facilities in a more engaging and interactive way. This helps to attract new clients and retain existing ones, as they are more likely to be impressed by the product and the manufacturing process.

In Birmingham, the car industry is a major player, with brands such as Jaguar Land Rover, BMW, and Aston Martin all having a significant presence in the area.

For these brands and others, 360 virtual tours can be a valuable tool for showcasing their products and manufacturing processes to clients remotely. By using this technology companies can save time and money, increase engagement with clients, enhance communication, and improve their overall sales.

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