We Flew a Drone Through Birmingham’s Bullring Shopping Centre

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James Bastable

Photographer, Drone Pilot & Editor - Director at Photos.co.uk

It’s been a busy few weeks for us here at Photos.co.uk with one of our projects keeping us very close to home at Birmingham’s Bullring Shopping Centre. We were excited to be flying one of our drones around the Bullring for their brand new live event “Late Night Out”.

There’s a lot of preparation work involved for this kind of shoot, with the safety of staff, performers and visitors being the top priority and of course capturing great video coming in at a close second.

Do you know how much preparation goes into our shoots?

  1. One month before the event we completed risk assessments for the site and went through any health and safety checks required of us by our client. We’re always available to answer questions and complete any documentation / checklists for our projects
  2. One week before the big day, we went on site to perform a signal test. This meant popping to the Bullring, not to hit the shops and restaurants, but instead to take one of our drones and plan the safest flight path for the event. This test was performed by one of our trusty team members walking the drone around the multi-storey shopping centre, whilst our drone flyer, James monitored and watched out for any signal drops / peaks. Doing this allowed us to choose the best take off and landing point, ensuring we had full signal throughout the flight
  3. Shoot day included preparing all of our drone equipment during the day, charging batteries and packing for the big event. Did you know we have spares of everything that come with us on site? The show must go on and we always make sure we’re able to continue shooting; another safety measure we’ve put in place to ensure we can always deliver great content
  4. When on site, the first thing we did was display our signage that informed everyone about our drones flying overhead. As we know, safety comes first.
  5. We then headed to our take off point (determined from our signal test day completed a week before) and prepared for lift off. There was a lot of kit involved that day, so our trusty trolley was out in force helping us get around easily

And then it was time to fly. We had a great time capturing videos of the crowd and performers, who were definitely having the time of their life on stage! Our trusty spotter, Charlotte was on hand the whole evening monitoring the drone during flight and making sure everyone was safe. 

It was a brilliant night filming this event and everyone at the Bullring did a great job at organising this. We hope all the guests and acts enjoyed it as much as we did.

Thanks for reading our post. We’ll be sharing lots of our shoots on here and posting regular updates about the exciting things we’re up to.

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