What is Drone Auditing and How Can You Protect Your Business?

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What is Drone Auditing?

A drone audit is a search conducted by using specialist unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to obtain videos and images of a site from the air. This footage is used to inspect the area, collect information, assess compliance on site, identify risks and verify processes of a company.

Drone auditing can be a very beneficial tool for businesses if performed and used in the correct way, but unfortunately there are times where this type of footage can be harmful for a company.

This is due to individuals turning to social media and Youtube to start their own businesses and channels, with drone auditing being a new area of focus. Whilst there are regulations for drone flying, set by the Civil Aviation Authority, some rules do not apply for aircrafts of a certain weight. Specifically, drones under 250g can be flown with minimal restrictions, meaning, somebody could fly over your company site and capture images and videos of your buildings, entrances and exits, car parks and even capture some internal shots legally and without consent of the owner.

This can be quite problematic for companies, as the content captured of the site is then posted on various channels online and able to be viewed by millions of people. Not only does this pose potential security risks, as it broadcasts private footage of the company to members of the public, these videos are also being used to show any interactions with staff and paint the company and the employees in potentially a negative way.

How Can You Protect Your Business?

Here at photos.co.uk, we want to help you stay one step ahead of these online content creators, by conducting drone audits in the correct way. We can attend the site with your permission and perform a thorough audit from the ground and in the air. We’ll help you identify any areas that may pose a potential security or data risk, allow you to check your health and safety compliance and verify if your processes are being followed. By identifying any concerns and fixing them through an official audit, if a member of the public were to then attend your site, you can rest easy knowing they aren’t filming content that could cause a risk to your company. As part of the auditing package, we will also create a video very similar to the type that these auditors create, which once on your website, will hopefully prevent that person attending your location, as the information has already been published online, but with your control, not theirs.

We have been working with various companies who have implemented these types of audits and are happy to report that they feel safer knowing that they’ve got in the air first and have taken control of what gets published online. Beat them to it and control the footage that gets published yourself. 

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