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Collecting Myles the Production Van!

Come along with us to collect Myles the Production Van!

In this short video, we’ll share with you the big reveal of our new vehicle at photos.co.uk, including a quick tour of the inside and boot space!

We’re so excited to capture and create future projects with the help of Myles.

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Our Newest Fly-Through Video Tour!

Come and watch our newest example of a fly through tour of a huge 184,000 square foot warehouse. In this tour we’ll take you around the entire building, including the modern reception, purpose built offices, delivery yard and most importantly, the warehouse space itself.

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The Team Become Wolves!

A fun team building day for the guys at photos.co.uk. James and Charlotte completed their second Wolf Run of the year. Read the full post below to see how they got on 😀

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Unveiling Hidden Insights: 7 Roof Details Inspectable with Drones

The huge advantages of drone roof inspections in the West Midlands. Explore seven critical roof details that can be inspected from the air, providing valuable insights for property owners and roofing professionals without getting on a roof. Harness the power of aerial inspections with drone roof inspections in the West Midlands.

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How Drones Revolutionise Highways Projects: The Role of UAVs in Assisting Surveyors

Discover how drones are revolutionizing highways projects in the UK. With enhanced efficiency, accurate data collection, improved safety, and real-time monitoring, drones are transforming the way surveyors plan, design, and implement highways projects. From expedited data collection to precise measurements and cost savings, drones offer invaluable benefits to the surveying process. Explore the role of drones in enhancing productivity, mitigating risks, and optimizing outcomes for highways projects in the UK.

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